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Creative Ways To Reuse Wine Bottles

Repurpose Old Wine Bottles

Bottles of wine are brought out to celebrate, relax or dine lavishly. But the party doesn’t have to stop when the wine runs out. Read on for a host of creative ways and projects you can undertake to reuse the bottles instead of throwing them out and flowing your trash bin over. These are fun DIY projects that you can do in your spare time and you get great décor pieces while at it. Wine lovers, this one is for you.

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To Move or Remodel?

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To move or improve?

Sooner or later, most home owners must decide whether it makes more sense to move or remodel. Your current home is cramping your style. Perhaps the family has outgrown the house, maybe you need more space for your expanding family, maybe the ceiling and floors are getting a bit leaky and maybe you just need a change. The decision to move or renovate needs to be considered carefully as it can weigh heavily on your mind and your wallet. What criteria should you use to make that rational decision? Consider this.

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