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Technology and Home Safety

Security for yourself and your family is imperative. Technology has enabled ways to make sure your family and possessions are kept safe. Here is a few tips on how to effectively secure your home:

Video monitoring
This is a great way for the owners to know what is happening in their houses whilst they are not around. Video monitoring is easy to set up and provides you with several different settings and preferences to your comfort. Today’s technology provides you with the benefit of monitoring and controlling with your personal phone or tablet. This option nowadays is available from high end to cheaper options for everyone.

Smart home systems
These are operating system technologies by which you can several different aspects of your living space are integrated and controlled by a central security system, it consists of several different motion sensors on doors, windows or even chosen spots to monitor and take action against unknown activity in your house. Smart home systems don’t only secure and monitor but also control things such as thermostats, lights, TV and more.

Electric locks
These are locks that are unlocked / locked either by a button, biometric recognition or digital code. These also make accessing home easier and faster for owners. Electric locks prove to be more reliable and are a better option as they set off alarms if tampered with.

No amount of technology will protect you and your home if you are not vigilant. Be wary of who you let into your home, and train the kids not to be too friendly with anyone.
Technology has made it easier to ensure that we and our loved ones remain safe.

Household Items For Multipurpose Hacks

There is no better way to save money and time than on a product that happens to have more than one use, what’s even better is a household item that can be used for the most unexpected use around the house other than their designated purpose. The best news is most of these products are cheap, can be used for cleaning, interior design, storage and lots more.

This week we tackle the first 6 items

Tennis Ball
Tennis balls can be used to protect the floor from scratches, scrapes or tearing a plastic carpet. Cut the balls and fit them inside the chair/table legs. You can also paint them to match the decor in a room.

Baking Powder
Baking powder can be used to make your own homemade air freshener. Mix the powder with your favorite air freshening essential oil e.g. sandalwood or lavender. Add distilled water, shake until the powder dissolves, transfer the solution into a spray bottle or container, cover the container with a piece of cloth and place it in a central place in the living room.

Binder Clips
Your home office stationery can be used for wrapping and holding up chargers, cords, headphones that lie around the house making surfaces look disorganized. It creates a storage space for you, you won’t have to search for a missing USB for hours on end, it also prevents kids from tripping over countless cords on the floor.

Olive Oil
Olive oil has can be used for cleaning and polishing wood furniture. Apply a small amount on a piece of cloth and rub until you get gleaming results.

Glass Jars and Food Tins
Probably the most common, they can be used as storage containers, flower vases, etc. Tear the seal of a glass jar, wash it and arrange your stationery. Aluminum tins can be used to store cutlery once the seal is removed. Empty glass jars also make beautiful flower vases.

Pant Hangers

Tired of entangled necklaces and fishing around for bracelets and earrings inside your jewelry box? Convert your pant hanger into a jewelry hanger as seen in the image above