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Pros and cons of move-in ready houses

There are times in life when you need to move, immediately. Maybe you just received a job transfer, or your home sold faster than you thought it would or you have found a really nice furnished house that you like. Whatever the situation, a move in ready house is almost always a pretty good solution. Read one for pros and cons of this arrangement.


Easy Transition
These sorts of houses require little or no effort – everything is basically done. No demolition, no painting and no moving around of things. You basically just show up and settle in.

Attractive Upgrades
Most move in ready houses are in tip-top shape, and come with all things attractive to new buyers including walk in closets, open plan kitchens and so much more.

Most of these are located in desirable neighbourhoods. This is not only a tremendous draw for new buyers but also increases the re-sale value when that time comes.


Little customization.
With these homes, what you get is what you keep. As a dream home you may want it to be perfect. You may be in love with certain areas of the house and not others. There will always be some give and take when it comes to move-in ready homes, but that is a choice you have to make.

Because the house comes fully furnished, it may cost a bit more than a house that is not.

As the name suggests,move in ready houses are ready when you are. Dream houses exist, these days the choices are just that many more.

Apartment Living Etiquette

There has been a shift in the housing market, from the traditional stand alone houses to high-rise apartments as developers rush to meet the housing demand. Living in close proximity with others requires courtesy and a little more consideration as living space is limited. Facilities such as gardens or play areas are communal, making cooperation and tolerance crucial for this kind of lifestyle.
Here are a few tips on how to be a good neighbor.

Reach out
When you move into an apartment, reach out to your neighbors and get to know them. This is beneficial to you in many ways. You get to have a good start and common ground to face issues as they arise, as well as create a sense of community. Security is also improved as you will be better placed at identifying strangers and unwanted guests in the property.

We all want to live in a safe and secure environment; however everyone has a role to play, especially when living in apartments. There may be several points of entry including the fire door which may pose as a threat to security. Getting a reputable security firm to take care of your safety will give you peace of mind, and make it difficult for thieves to get in without being noticed.

Noise levels
Apartment living can be a little bit invasive as the only thing separating one apartment from another is a wall. Noise seems to pass through rather easily, therefore avoid making loud noises at night and in the early hours of the morning. You also need to be considerate of your neighbors, by informing them well in advance when you intend on having a party or when entertaining.

Most apartment blocks have a provision for laundry lines within the apartment while others may have other lines outside the apartment in communal areas. Some people are uncomfortable hanging their laundry outside, while others do not mind at all. This would be something to look out if you find clothes hanging outside an eye sore.

Garbage disposal
This can be a tricky issue if tenants are careless while moving their garbage from their homes to the collection point. Ensure that your garbage bags are tightly wrapped to avoid spillage. There are different dates, times and ways of collection depending on the location. Some areas have recycled garbage collection, which require tenants to separate plastics and paper from their usual trash.

Finally, be nice as living with people from different backgrounds on the same property can be challenging. Tolerance, consideration and a little common sense will go a long way into making your environment easy to live in. You do not have to become best friends, though that would help, but a little common courtesy will go a very long way.

How to Set Up Your First Home Office

Home Office Essentials

There are some people who have quite a workload, whether at the office or away, they have to work constantly and empty shelves by morning, make reports, in general it’s a tight and hectic schedule, and at times the office environment just doesn’t work for them, or its late you have to rush and beat the traffic. The best way to take this load off your chest is by creating a work space in your home.

Before you set up your ‘home’ office, think of the image you want to portray, you want to feel comfortable and at ease. These feelings are drawn from the office itself – the office structure, layout, decorations and accessories- and not even the person.
For a lawyer it can be order, for a photographer an artistic image. Your ‘home’ work environment makes a statement about who you are, keep it simple, organized and most importantly professional. Our surroundings play a huge part in our moods and feelings and this influences our output. If your work space is bland, your work and mood will be the same, if it is bright, organized so will your work.

Whether your space is small or spacious, it must be neatly arranged to help you move around with ease, even the direction some of the furniture will face matters a lot, for example placing your table against the wall, and your back to the door, is a bit awkward (and less welcoming) if possible make your desk perpendicular to the door, if this is not possible the 2nd option is to face the door, however it is subject to distractions anytime someone walks by, but the golden principle is not to face the wall or away from the door.
Create functional space; this is putting specific office items in one corner, e.g. machinery to the right corner, stationery on your left hand side of the desk. It makes your work space neat and organized.

Spice it up, and make it artistic by choosing your best colors. All in all, even if you like purple it may not be the best for your office depending on the work you do. Colors have a profound effect on productivity. It means you should choose colors that will boost your work output and stimulate you. Research has it that bright colors have a stimulating effect while low intensity colors give a soothing effect. Color blue affects your mind, yellow affects your emotions, red affects your body and green your balance.

Choose furniture that is comfortable and functional. An office desk should have enough space to avoid cramp, messy corners; it should also come with drawers for additional storage space.
It should also be durable, imagine placing your newly repaired desktop on a desk you purchased last week and the next thing you hear is a loud cracking sound and down goes the desk, with everything on it.
Choose the right fabric, different fabrics project different images, and as stated earlier it doesn’t matter how homely your office feels or what career your practicing. The space should have a professional touch. Mahogany and Dark wood will not fail you on this one.

Technology and Home Safety

Security for yourself and your family is imperative. Technology has enabled ways to make sure your family and possessions are kept safe. Here is a few tips on how to effectively secure your home:

Video monitoring
This is a great way for the owners to know what is happening in their houses whilst they are not around. Video monitoring is easy to set up and provides you with several different settings and preferences to your comfort. Today’s technology provides you with the benefit of monitoring and controlling with your personal phone or tablet. This option nowadays is available from high end to cheaper options for everyone.

Smart home systems
These are operating system technologies by which you can several different aspects of your living space are integrated and controlled by a central security system, it consists of several different motion sensors on doors, windows or even chosen spots to monitor and take action against unknown activity in your house. Smart home systems don’t only secure and monitor but also control things such as thermostats, lights, TV and more.

Electric locks
These are locks that are unlocked / locked either by a button, biometric recognition or digital code. These also make accessing home easier and faster for owners. Electric locks prove to be more reliable and are a better option as they set off alarms if tampered with.

No amount of technology will protect you and your home if you are not vigilant. Be wary of who you let into your home, and train the kids not to be too friendly with anyone.
Technology has made it easier to ensure that we and our loved ones remain safe.

Benefits of Living in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments may not be so popular among the house hunters because of the small living space but this is because they are meant for a specific target market. They are ideal for people like students, an office worker who lives alone, or a couple who have no need for too much space. They may be smaller than the multi bedroom apartments but there are some benefits that come with small spaces as listed below.

Studio apartments are generally smaller than the multi- bedroom apartments which makes them cheaper, they are also highly convenient for a person who doesn’t have a lot of stuff and is only in the market for temporary accommodation.

Hypothetical situation, you have enough money to rent a one bedroom which can also be used to rent a nice, cozy studio apartment that is much cheaper and located in the same neighborhood. This means you get to spend less and save more for future investments.

For those who don’t enjoy cleaning, a studio apartment would be an ideal living space for you. It’s much smaller which means there’s less cleaning space, everything is in the same room which is much better than cleaning from one room to another which can be taxing…sometimes.

Your kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining area are all within reach and that can help you multitask as well, you don’t have to worry about missing scenes from your favorite soap or a football game because you can watch TV, fold your clothes and cook at the same time.

It’s much cheaper and easier to furnish a studio apartment because limited space means less furniture and the same wall paper all over the room and you can color coordinate the way you want. It also allows you to use multi-purpose furniture such as a folding bed that is a couch by day for the guest and a bed by night. The living room table can also be used as a dining table when friends drop by and ofice desk for the late night office work.