Rhino Charge 2017 – Team Pink Horns

Team Pink Horns

Meet Pink Horns – an all women’s team taking part at this year’s Rhino Charge event in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Rhino Charge is an annual off-road motorsport competition held in Kenya in which entrants are required to visit 13 checkpoints scattered over approximately 100km of rough terrain within a 10hour period. Each entrant must pledge and raise a minimum sponsorship fee of USD 15,000. Rhino Charge is one of Kenya’s leading charity sporting event; started in 1989, the event has raised billions of shillings towards protection of our wildlife and precious water tables.

All Female Kenyan Team
Team Pink Horns has been a service team for the Rhino Charge event for the last seven years. Every year, we learnt more about building, designing a vehicle as well as understanding the grueling terrain for one of the toughest motor sporting events in Africa.This year we decided to dive in and take part, we invested time & money into understanding the specific parts our vehicle needs to tackle this amazing and challenging event. Part of the team for this year are Nili Dodhia (Our Muthaiga & Greater Kitisuru Area Specialist) and Nimmi Chauhan (Our Karen Area Specialist)

We take pride in the fact that our vehicle is entirely built Kenyan, with a team of top notch fabricators, engineers and mechanics. Our car will be running on a 4.3litre V8 Petrol Lexus Engine.

Being part of the service crew for our partners team, has allowed us to witness some of the most extreme sections of the Rhino Charge, we believe that we know what it takes to push our car and team to the limit and we believe that with the right sponsorship and mind-set we can achieve our goal.

The event was incorporated in 1989 to raise funds for the construction of the Aberdare Electric Fence. The event is organized yearly in order to raise funds to support the activities of the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, an NGO who works towards a noble cause. The conservation and protection of Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems, the so-called “Water Towers”. The Aberdare’s ranges are an important water catchment area for the supply of water to all our households in Nairobi and other towns.


Projects of the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust Aberdare Fence Project (protecting against deforestation), Ebru Fence Project (safeguarding the wildlife corridor
between Ebru and Naivasha), Bongo Surveillance (conserving this critically endangered forest antelope), Joint Surveillance Unit (curbing illegal activity) and general conservation of our critical Kenyan water towers.

For more information about this event and the sponsorship opportunities available to showcase your brand kindly get in touch with nili.dodhia@pamgolding.co.ke or nimmi.chauhan@pamgolding.co.ke.

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