Creative Ways To Reuse Wine Bottles

Repurpose Old Wine Bottles

Bottles of wine are brought out to celebrate, relax or dine lavishly. But the party doesn’t have to stop when the wine runs out. Read on for a host of creative ways and projects you can undertake to reuse the bottles instead of throwing them out and flowing your trash bin over. These are fun DIY projects that you can do in your spare time and you get great décor pieces while at it. Wine lovers, this one is for you.

Decorative Centerpieces
All you need to do is wrap some ribbon around the bottles or sprinkle on some glitter powder and it instantly transforms from plain bottle to a centerpiece.

Decorative Lamps

Antique bookshelf
There are plenty of ways to make a bookshelf, and making one out of wine bottles is one unique way to go about it.

Holiday Decorations
These could be great to do up painted faces or some really cool Halloween decorations that will go great with the rest of your holiday décor.

Candle holders

Another idea would be to split the bottle in half and use the bottom half as a holder for a scented or even ordinary candle, and inject life into your backyard.

Table cards
There are so many ways to be creative and go about adding zest and personality to your house.

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